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In Ideal we are supporting the project “Ludotecas Morelos”

After the earthquake of September 19, the past year, many families of Morelos State lost their homes, so they needed to live in camps. Additionally, many school buildings collapsed, and children had no schools. This situation made that children suddenly had no activities to do and the parents were more concern to rebuild their lives. In this circumstance, a good friend of Cuernavaca, Laura Trueba, thought to create the “Ludotecas”, which are educative playrooms for children in the camps, providing friendly, fun and safe places to stay. Laura is a pedagogue who has worked with kids many years; in this project she thought put her skills at the service of the community.

In Ideal, we were privileged to be invited to participate in this wonderful project and help to build (with our hands) some “ludotecas”. Now the enthusiasm continues. There are still camps in Morelos that need ludotecas, and in some places ludotecas evolve to be permanent ludotecas, even with no camps, it happens when families realized those are good places for kids spend their time. There are 12 ludotecas, and we are thinking to create more.
The students of Tec de Monterey create a webpage and Facebook page for the project Ludotecas Morelos; you are invited to visit both places to know more about it. Here is the address: Website Ludotecas Morelos. Facebook site.

We invite you to participate and donate to this project. If you come to study to Ideal or just visiting Cuernavaca, you are invited to go to visit some of the places where a ludoteca is installed. Ask Carlos or Selene about it in the mail:,, and

The visit to the Museum Universum is done:

We were happy to make FUNNIER the trip of the Children’s Band “Santa Cecilia”

Ideal Spanish México and a group of generous donors, contributed to invite boys and girls of the children´s band of Oaxaca “Santa Cecilia”, to visit the science museum Universum. The band is visiting Mexico City to play for first time with the choir if Air France in the National Center for Arts. For most of the kids and teens, this is their first time visiting Mexico City, and we think out going to Universum is a way to make better their time in the big city… and it was a success!

Band “Santa Cecilia” is a complete project oriented to improve the life of children and teens of the Vicente Guerrero neighborhood, a margin place close to Oaxaca city; everything made with a hard work, determination and music.

You are invited to visit them and know their wonderful project when you study in Ideal Spanish México, Oaxaca location (or just visiting Oaxaca).

Santa Cecilia Children’s & Youth Band

Let’s help the Santa Cecilia Children’s and Youth Band to make their trip to Mexico City more exciting

Four years ago, the teachers and staff of Ideal had the pleasure, thanks to our group of German volunteers, to meet the Santa Cecilia Children’s and Youth Band of Oaxaca. This musical band is something more than that; it is a comprehensive social project that now has more than 100 children and young people actively participating.

But let me tell you about it: Seven years ago, Father José Rentería of San Bartolo Coyotepec (a place famous for its black pottery), along with parents of the neighborhood “Agencia Vicente Guerrero”, which is a place located 15 minutes away from San Bartolo, thought of making a traditional music band with children and teenagers. The purpose of this band was to reduce the problems of its neighborhood. Agencia Vicente Guerrero is a suburban settlement that was created around the municipal garbage dump of the city of Oaxaca, and has the problems of marginal populations such as delinquency, drug addiction and vandalism in its streets.

What better way than music and art to mitigate the problems of the community? And working with young people is much better. The children study and practice with the band from Monday to Friday at least two hours in the afternoons, therefore they have less exposure to the risks and dangers of the street.

From being just a traditional music band, now it has become the “Santa Cecilia Musical Initiation School”, which means that the children have a complete musical education. And three years ago, string instruments such as violins, violas, cellos and double basses, where integrated to create a symphonic band. Even more, one of the girls of the band studied in France to repair woodwind and brass instruments, and despite being able to work in a better paid workshop, she decided to continue collaborating with the project and to open a “Repair Workshop for Musical Instruments” in the school Santa Cecilia.

The Children and Youth Band will visit Mexico City from April 17 to 20 to give a concert with the Air France Choir, at the Blas Galindo Auditorium of the National Arts Center. Do not miss it! They will also meet with the band of the German School of Mexico City.

During their stay in Mexico City, the Children’s Band would like to visit the “Museum UNIVERSUM”, which is the children’s museum of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Would you like to help make this children’s dream possible? We need to raise $12,000 pesos ($700 USD) for the tickets and food of the 70 members of the band; there are 60 children and teenagers, and 10 chaperones. The purpose of this effort is for these young musicians to have a better experience in their trip, bring back memories and know that their effort will always be well rewarded.

The Children of Santa Cecilia thank you in advance for your support!

Carlos Brito

Director of Ideal Language and Cultural Experiences

Our Spanish teaching season in Oaxaca is coming soon

From July to September, 2018 we are going to teach Spanish in Oaxaca as every year. This time we have prepared an structured program of culture addittinally to the Spanish program for our students. The Ideal Culture Program will include: lectures about history, society, traditions, food, politics and religion of Mexico; the goal is that our students have an overview about Mexico while they learn Spanish. Of course we are going to have excursions to the most emblematic places: Montealbán, Hierve el Agua, Teotitlán del Valle, mezcalería, San Bartolo Coyotepec, Arrazola, the Center for Arts San Agustín and others. All in the beautiful city of Oaxaca, between colonial streets, chocolate and mezcal.

The Association of Schools of Cuernavaca won the Tourist Merit Award 2016!

The Association of Schools for Spanish in Cuernavaca (AIPEC), which Ideal belongs, received from the Government of the State of Morelos, in the hands of the governor Graco Ramirez, the “Galardón al Mérito Turístico 2016” (2016 Tourism Merit Award). With this award, the State Government recognizes the great career of the Schools of Cuernavaca dedicated to teaching Spanish and culture of Mexico; bringing long term tourists to the city and the State of Morelos.

Tourist Merit Award AIPEC

Ideal Language and Cultural Experiences, proudly belong to AIPEC, being founder member, and many years participating in the board of officers. Our goal is promoting Cuernavaca like the “World Center for Teaching Spanish”

Tourist Award Carlos AIPEC