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We offer you a warm welcome to Ideal Language and Cultural Experiences. We are proud to have over 40 years experience in Cuernavaca, and now in the city of Oaxaca, teaching Spanish as a second language and educating our students about the different aspects of Mexican culture. Our Spanish courses and programs are specially designed to develop your ability to communicate in Spanish in the quickest way possible, while making your experience in Mexico educational, fun and unforgettable.

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Enjoying Oaxaca; German volunteers in front of Iglesia de Santo Domingo. .

500 US dollar compensation for students coming to study in Cuernavaca during July and August

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Actavis Pharmaceutical and JM Research are sponsoring an epidemiological study named “Risk factors for the occurrence of Travelers’ Diarrhea among US students visiting Mexico” this summer at Ideal Cuernavaca.   There is a $500 US dollar compensation for students who come to study during July and August for a 3 week minimum. They are only accepting 200 candidates, so write to carlos@ideal-school.com for the questionnaire to determine eligibility and details.

Please help us spread the word. This is a great opportunity for students. It is not a clinical trial like some of the previous studies with Johns Hopkins and University of Houston. Medical care will be provided if needed.

‘This is an Epidemiological Study trying to better understand the factors that predisposes travelers to diarrhea while in Mexico.
The study is sponsored by JM Research and Actavis.
The basic requirements are:
– 18 to 40 years old,
– basically healthy, no intestinal illnesses, no concomitant medications,
– coming during July or august for at least 3 weeks,
– provide a blood sample at arrival and a blood sample at departure,
– provide a stool sample if sick,

We will compensate $500 (five hundred) US dollars in two payments: $250 at arrival and $250 at departure. They can use this money as they see fit, like tuition, flight, etc. It will be a wire transfer to their bank accounts.

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